“I was thrilled to learn Donna Gordon Kandel is running for Lucia Mar School Board. Over the 30 years I have known her wherever she has worked Donna has been a fierce advocate for families; standing up for parents’ and children’s rights. She is an independent and deep thinker. She has been a stay-at-home mother, a returning to college mother, and a working Nipomo High School teacher mother. Always respectful of her collegues, always caring of her students, always working toward building solid foundations. Always willing to hear the other side. Always willing to take a stand for what she knows to be true. As a parent of an AG High graduate, I am happy to endorse Donna Kandel for the school board. She has the experience and temperament to be a perfect addition to the board.” —-Jennifer Stover, MaMa Mentor

Seen by Jennifer Stover Doula at Thursday 2:41pm

“Donna Kandel is a person of exceptional intelligence, compassion, and integrity.  She is careful, thoughtful, and fair.  She asks useful, probing questions.  If elected, Donna would bring to the school board not only the perspective of a parent and community member, but the experience of a classroom teacher as well.  This cannot be overemphasized.  Donna is better suited to anticipate how Board decisions will affect teaching and learning because she has seen firsthand how these things play out.  The voters of Trustee Area 7 have a unique opportunity here to bring someone to the Board with vital experience and an invaluable perspective, a person who was student-centered as an educator and who will be student-centered on the Board.”
—Branden J. Leach, Retired Teacher, LMUSD

“Donna is one of the most level headed thoughtful people I know. Her ability to see the big picture and also to have empathy for every person who comes into her life would make her an excellent person. The fact that she was also an amazing math teacher and understands the numbers is icing on the cake!

–Anna Zucker, retired teacher, parent

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